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Here you find images from the history of how the social panorama has spread globally in the last 25 years.

Social Panorama in Vitoria Brazil 2017

In Vitoria Brazil, 2017

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The Partners and Ex-partners experiment with 120 participants in 2010

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By Future Tools of the German NLP association in 2014

My son Valentijn in his spiritual panorama

My son Valentijn in his spiritual panorama in 2012

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In Boulder in 2010 with Dany Balieux, Nick Kemp, Andrew Austin Connirae Andreas, Steve Andreas and Mark Andreas

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Training NLP practitioners with Jaap Hollander bending over and Lucas Derks standing in 1992

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Social Panorama Consultants meet about working with teams in 2008

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Campinas Brazil 2013

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A participant in Portugal in 2014

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In Japan 2015

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Japan 2017

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In Moscow 2019

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In Moscow with Ralf Käppler in 2017

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In Graz Austria, the basis of Mental Space, 2013

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In Warsaw in 2016

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In Abano Terme Italy in 2009

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In Dresden 2009

Sociaal Panorama Training 2019

In the Netherlands 2019

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In Israel 2018

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Receiving the NLP award for research in 2019

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In NIcaragua, defending the thesis for a PhD in 2016

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In Dresden 2017

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Winning a Coaching Award at the Coaching Convention in Hamburg, 2018

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Largest group for partners and ex-partners experiment: Moscow 2017

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Romenia 2018

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Partners and Ex-Partners in Moscow 2019

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Alexander from Russia made an animation movie about the social panorama

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In Lithuania 2016

Foto blog 26

In Poland 2016

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In this book chapter 3 deals with the social panorama: 2012

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The Social Panorama Handbook in Portuguese, translated by Anna Passerella Coulho in 2014

Sociale denkpatronen

The Dutch Handbook on the Social Panorama came out in 2005

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The Spanish translation of the Social Panorama Handbook, by Jacques Lacroix

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At the presentation of the Portuguese Social Panorama Handbook in 2014

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Gohst in Mind, a more popular book on the social panorama that dates from 1998

Foto blog 32

In Bremen for Sabine Klenke Seminaren, from 2008

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